Everything we do,
we do differently.

We created this vision with a strong desire to collaborate with a guiding knowledge that, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  — Albert Einstein.


5D World is a community of impact-minded individuals dedicated to connection and 5D consciousness. We serve as an impact platform for the 5D community and as a portal for change. We are consciously supporting each other as we connect with our highest potential through co-creation. From 5D consciousness we can rethink and rebuild everything.

Our current focus includes:

  • The Progression of Human Consciousness

  • Indigenous Leadership and Value Promotion

  • Land Stewardship, Permaculture and Conscious Communities

  • Mental Health Innovation Including Psychedelic Assisted Healing

  • Decentralized, Sovereign Economic Systems and Blockchain Technology

  • Self Improvement


Our manifestations are in action through three primary vehicles:


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At 5D, we strongly believe that psychedelic medicines and related sustainable solutions and therapies hold enormous potential to transform the mental, physical and emotional health of humans. That said, the legal and regulatory framework for the use of psychedelics in Canada and elsewhere is in a state of flux, and at present the use of many psychedelics (e.g., psilocybin) is restricted and potentially only available for therapeutic use with specific government exemptions, often applied for on a case-by- case basis. There are no guarantees that the medical or therapeutic use of psychedelics will be approved on a more widespread basis at any particular time. To the extent that 5D’s operations relate to psychedelics, all actions are undertaken in accordance with applicable laws.