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The collective consciousness of humanity is being uplifted and 5D Capital is composed of co-creators with a new vision for a sustainable future.

David Heden

David Heden: Co-Creator 


Relationships, Deal flow, Run investment process, Head of Accelerator, Risk management, Manifestor, Limitless.  

David Heden has never been afraid to take the road less travelled. He is both a dreamer and a manifestor, yet an expert in mitigating and managing risk. He first deviated from the marked path when he dropped out of school at the age of 17 to become a research analyst at K2 and Associates Investment Management Inc. After 13 dedicated years with K2, culminated with 6 years as managing partner, he led the firm's event-driven, distressed debt and energy strategies until his early retirement at age 30.  One year later, he founded HGC Investment Management Inc., best known for managing over $1B in its HGC fund, an award-winning, flagship fund that has been recognized for its consistency and low volatility. 


David is the proud father of a son and daughter. Inspired by their future and his experience as an industry visionary, he founded 5D Capital, a firm that believes that investing with intention creates impact. The foundation of David’s success lies in his vision for continual self-improvement and inquiry. Blending energy with professional work has inspired David to do things differently and bridge the worlds of capital and consciousness.                                                                                                                                                             



In addition to his lively professional life, David practices kundalini yoga and is passionate about all things conscious living and total well-being. He currently lives between Toronto and Nosara, and his mission is to contribute to raise the vibration of the collective.  

Rebecca Nicholson: Creator/ Chief Executive Officer 


Grounded, Focus, Gatekeeper, Support, Encouragement,  Joy,  Heart centered , Action, Compassion,  Authentic.  

Rebecca Nicholson

Born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Rebecca Nicholson moved to Toronto to attend York University where she graduated with a B.F.A Honours. Inspired by all things creative, Rebecca pursued a career in the film industry where she naturally excelled. She balanced the demanding yet invigorating environment of entertainment with her passion for yoga, grounding and focusing herself in supportive space. Through finding true connection and healing in this practice, she later became a yoga instructor and brought her entrepreneurial skills to the wellness world by founding her own yoga business. 


Rebecca brings her grounding energy into all that she does, constantly making and holding space for positivity and encouragement that is energetic yet extremely focused. She has managed various high-level teams, individuals, and projects. As a mom of two boys, she understands that patience, persistence and dedication are valued in all realms. A creative aficionado, Rebecca possesses a strong vision and the unique manifesting ability to make projects breathe life. 


Emily Johnson:  Team Member / Operations

Organization, Workflow, Integrity, Detail, Discipline , Creative, Expression,  Expansion,  Understanding.

Emily Johnson is a highly organized Senior Administrative Assistant with over 10 years of experience. Versatile and collaborative, Emily’s skill range includes supporting operational tasks, finance and HR, event planning, property management, customer and technical support, and project and inventory management. With a high level of integrity and a keen eye for detail, Emily is truly motivated to elevate workplace interactions and communications. Her valuable experience and expertise enhance workflow, promote organization, improve overall company discipline, yet also leave space for the creative aspects of business. 


Holding a B.F.A with a focus on painting, artistic creation is a large part of Emily's  life. In addition to her passion for visual artistry, she has self-published two collections of poetry, loves spending time in nature and actively deepening her meditation practice. She strives to achieve higher consciousness in her work by blending this artistic energy with her operational and administrative tasks.


Shauna Ireland:

Global Communications 

Humor, Connector, Intuitive intelligence, Collaboration, Mystic , Alignment,  Energy, Honour, Heart Truth.

Shauna Ireland is a Communications and Creative Concept Specialist who brings a multidimensional approach to all of her work. Shauna employs conscious integrity to combine her devotion to energetic work with her 20 years of experience in public relations, marketing, branding, and business development. She is keenly and abundantly passionate about helping people activate their divine design. Deeply skilled in the arts of storytelling, entrepreneurship and brand revitalization, Shauna’s decades of industry experience and expertise have earned her a position on PR Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40” list and solidified her as a renowned name in the global industry. 


Having worked in the sectors of lifestyle, music, arts, health & wellness, and higher conscious living, Shauna is uniquely equipped to develop and deliver methods for aligning companies with consciousness, resulting in increased revenue and amplified brand awareness. As a master connector, the marriage of Shauna’s professional intelligence with her personal energy, humour and spirit allow her to create the perfect environment to connect with audiences and partners, and to achieve overall brand and company goals.


Shauna currently  spends her time between Canada and Costa Rica with her son Wolfe.  She has embraced the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. 


David Tucker: General Counsel


Analytical, Loyal, Passionate, Adventurous, Determined, Adaptable, Direct, Open-Minded, Mover and Shaker 

David Tucker is a Canadian-based lawyer with a sharp eye for recognizing opportunities, protecting organizational interests and achieving business-oriented results. Although beginning his career in corporate and environmental law, David has been acting as General Counsel for an engineering, consulting and technology firm for nearly two decades.


With a strong belief that relationships lie at the heart of the business context, David takes a practical, realistic and results-oriented approach to issues of law in the business sector. After 20 years of advising Boards of Directors and senior management teams on a wide variety of legal matters, David holds extensive expertise in the areas of contracts, risk management, corporate governance, negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, employment law, ethics, dispute resolution, and much more. With a breadth of knowledge in the field of law and the legal profession, David’s career has also included a strong international component that has rounded out his ability to understand and connect with worldwide issues pertaining to both business and law.


In addition to his professional life, David enjoys travelling, running, camping, and connecting with the outdoors during his free time. Believing strongly in the fact that business relations require a personal touch, David regularly practices mindfulness in his personal and professional lives. He is also the proud father to a son, to whom he hopes to pass these skills and traits on to.


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Nicole Van Stone: Indigenous Leadership

Indigneous, facilitator, connector, courage, bridge, innovator, purposeful, service to community, love, inspirational leadership

Nicole Van Stone is a second generation residential school survivor. She is of the Turtle Clan, her spirit name is Warrior Woman with the Grandmothers Behind Her. Nicole's passion and purpose is being a bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and believes understanding the past will help us move forward together.


She is an Indigenous Outreach Consultant, the past President of BEL Rotary Club, Chair, Indigenous Focus for District 7010 and District Coordinator for HIP (Honoring Indigenous Peoples). Nicole sits on the Community Voices For Manoomin (Wild Rice) committee and works with Anishinaabemowin TEG and Ininimo - Speak Cree to bring language learning to her community. She is also a member of the Board of Directors at Camp Kawartha. She has been a successful real estate agent for 18 years, currently with Chestnut Park Real Estate in cottage country, and has been featured on HGTV's Big City Broker.


She was raised in Toronto and now lives in Peterborough and The Kawarthas. Her family is from Attawapiskat First Nation and Nicole is continually learning her Indigenous heritage, traditional teachings, language and medicines. She walks her path in Etuaptmumk - Two-Eyed Seeing - referring to learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, and from the other eye with the strengths of Western knowledges and ways of knowing ... and learning to use both these eyes together, for the benefit of all.

Aaron David: Co-Creator/ Conscious Community Development


Open Heart, Professional, 3D grounding,  Patience, Focus, Vision, Community, Genuine,  Explorer.

5D Family

Aaron David is an international business professional who knows the importance of patience and focus in community development. With a talent for identifying and filling industry gaps, Aaron founded Campus Vacations in 2006, Canada’s largest provider of organized travel for the university and college sector. In the 7 years from the company’s inception to its acquisition in 2013, Campus Vacations expanded to 90 campuses across North America and Europe, reaching over 100,000 students.


Hailing from a background in the real estate sector, Aaron’s open yet focused mind is constantly striving for higher consciousness. As an investment professional with 10 years of experience managing retail commercial real estate assets, Aaron is an open-hearted professional who is constantly seeking out new challenges, while also employing a vision that is focused on maximizing opportunities. Aaron holds 7 years of experience managing real estate investments, acquisitions, property development, and the design and construction of rental properties and large scale townhomes. His ability to strike the specific balance between business success and sustainability also led him to identify as the Founder & President of Owl Capital Investments, a privately held real estate firm focusing on investments in sustainable land developments, the most recent of which was featured in Dwell Magazine for innovative design. An avid entrepreneur, he also founded Bluebird Properties Ltd., a commercial real estate and  management company.   

Aaron enjoys surfing in Costa Rica with his family and is a student of Jiu Jitsu.  He spends his time between Prince Edward County, Toronto and Nosara.