Image by Rodion Kutsaev

We Give

The word "philanthropy" derives from the Ancient Greek phrase philanthropia, meaning "to love people."  It is a manifestation of goodwill.  Alignment of the inner world of spirit and outer world of service.  The heart of philanthropy is an extension of caring and caring can be  actioned in many different ways. Pay it forward, pay it back- when you do it from the heart with intention the outcomes and impact are limitless. 

We believe that it is an extension of  our core beliefs and are dedicated to creating currencies to change the situations that require change. We are committed to a deep sense of participation through the process.  We Invest  resources, time, talent and treasures.  Our goal is to humanise the term capital.  We know people desire to do good and want to truly make a difference.   Philanthropy is another way we co-create a radically new future.  


Our current state of raised consciousness supports the elevation of philanthropy.  

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