Plant Medicine Pledge

With intention to maintain and promote spiritual connection in ceremony.  

We continue to learn, because we listen. 

We vow to listen deeply  to the plants and their keepers. 


We regard the Elders saying, "That ceremonies are the way we remember to remember." 


We are in service, and we honor the spiritual connection of ceremonial and ritualistic use of plant medicine.  


In harmony with nature and accepting of the divine  process.   

We respect Traditional Medicines, rituals, lineage and reciprocity.  With loving teachings of empowerment and healing, we focus on preparation, ceremony, integration and after care.

This is of utmost importance.


The give and take with the land is respected and the relationship with the land is prioritized.  Sacred teachings emphasize that we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children.  


We will be guided  with intention, with reverence for the indigenous cultures and people who are originally from and born on the land.  The sacred soil holds value as it is deeply connected to source and to creation.


Plants are the divine feminine energy and will communicate how and when they are ready to be served. The highest good is reached when the medicine server harvests their own plants to protect and to nurture them properly.  


Our mission is to preserve the biosphere, compounds and the culture that holds the invaluable wisdom we have only begun to comprehend.   


Plant medicine should never be mass produced by profiteers or pharmaceutical companies as the medicine could become a poison. Never by prescription or in a clinical setting. There is no room for the ego in the plant medicine realm. There should not be codependency, we advocate for healthy relationships with servers.  


There is a current urgency towards awakening.  The plants know the way.  It can be done naturally because there is abundance in nature. Biotechnology does not have a place here.  Whole plant intended experiences are only possible when there is symbiosis between communities, cultures, and biospheres. 


Disconnect from the matrix and emerge with your true nature.