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We share our land acknowledgement as a global organization. We acknowledge the Indigenous stewards and caretakers of the land across Turtle Island and to all Indigenous peoples of Mother Earth who have had a symbiotic relationship with the land, plants, animals and waters for thousands of years.


At 5D, we aim to raise our level of consciousness and to connect to the earth as a sacred living, breathing being. Our connection is on both a physical and cellular level, as well as a spiritual level.

When we see ourselves as separate from each other and think of other species, the waters and the planet itself as objects that can be owned, dominated or subjugated, we lose connection with our humanity and we create imbalance on the earth. This is what we are witnessing around us.


We ask you to join us in this personal connection to the earth as a sacred living being and become caretakers of Mother Earth moving forward together.

Land Acknowledgment Statement