VIVO is a project of Alternative and Conscious Education, it is the fruit of 24 years of self-learning and experiences of growth with girls and boys of different ages.


The main objective of VIVO is to accompany the children in the recognition of our luminous essence.


We gather in a circle to surpass the personalities and get closer to the identification with the Soul that we are, helping us to remember what we have come to do on this beautiful planet Earth.


We work to sustain the heart rate in our daily activities and from there, we accompany each child on their path of personal development.


We use various tools to strengthen talents and collaborate with the transformation of limiting habits of the personality.


Instead of teaching, we sow the love of learning, the excitement for the new, we let the curiosity express itself and we give the responsibility and the advancement of learning to each child, in his moment and in his time.


We train ourselves to live from the heart, we introduce into our daily work practices of conscious breathing, meditation and mainly, conscious sounds, practices that very naturally mix with pedagogical tools of various currents, including Waldorf, Montessoi, Pestalozzi and others.


Our vision is to lead each child to have confidence in himself and in life, to be autonomous, independent, creator of his life and the harmony of his environment.


We support with Love this new generation that chooses to live these times of transition on our planet, we plant the seed of a New World in their hearts.